Kiropraktor Haugesund Medisinske Senter

Velkommen til Haugesund Medisinske Senter Kiropraktikk.

Din Kiropraktor Haugesund og Rogaland, Kiropraktor James Rijkuiter.

HMS Kiropraktikk er kiropraktor klinikken i det nye Helsehuset Haugesund sentrum.

Mandag: Kl.08.00-18.00

Tirsdag: Kl.08.00-16.00

Onsdag: Kl.08.00-16.00

Torsdag: Kl.08.00-18.00

Fredag: Kl.08.00-16.00

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For timebestilling ring resepsjonen på 52 70 39 00 Tast 1 etter 15:00 og ha direkte tilknytning til HMS Kiropraktikk.

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Definisjon av kiropraktikk:

“Helseprofesjon som befatter seg med diagnostikk, behandling og forebygging av biomekaniske feilfunksjoner i bevegelsesapparatet samt vurderer effekten av dette på nervesystemet og individets generelle helsetilstand. Behandlingen baseres i stor grad på manuelle metoder.”

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HMS Kiropraktikk
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5 out of 5 stars

michael Taljaard
michael Taljaard

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

I have for many years been struggling with chronic pain throughout my body. I've been through the system, trying various different treatments without much success. I was referred by a friend to try out James. After the first treatment I was amazed by his ability to explain thoroughly why I was in so much pain and what I would be experiencing from each treatment. His approach of treatment is very different from what I've experienced before. James has not only reduced my pain levels but has given me hope for a future with less pain, which for those of you with daily pain will understand is the greatest gift. Life is so much better when you can see a light at the end of the pain tunnel!
Thank you James Rijukuiter 👍😀

mieke Gast
mieke Gast

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

I have allways had back problems related to a car accident.
Years I have had pain radiating in my right shoulder and arm.
On top off that a back hernia.

Within several treatments all my pains went away and within weeks I felt better than ever.
Even though I do I do not see Chiropractor James Rijkuiter on a regular basis, my back stays well with simple exercise he provided.

Very pleased to say the least.

Laurens Dekker
Laurens Dekker

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

I visited this clinic with low back pain for several years, and a shoulder injury due to playing tennis. Very professional clinic, and good care. Chiropractor James helped me to get rid of my shoulder problem, and my low back pain has diminished significantly. Every few months I like to visit the chiropractor for a checkup for my lower back. I would recommend everyone to visit this clinic.

HMS Kiropraktikk

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